We hereby announce that the MONTH of BSK is upon us - from now until the end of month Chefs Matt, Emma, Leigh, Michael and Leo will be be presenting every few days a whole new face and a new line of products. We are so extremely pleased and can hardly hide our anticipation.


MARINATED MEATS ARE OUT. BBQ season has started. 22 marinated delicious items we are told. Who makes 22? Well Auntie Ginny of course. She is a sweet woman.Here


If you are not watching the NEW product slider below then you are making a BIG mistake. K&K is committed to new products that are guaranteed to make your tummy happy and bring a big smile to your face. New Salads, New Meat, New Fish, New Seasonal Veggies by Gusto and lots of love. AND LOTS OF ITEMS ON SALE !