URGENT - We have been advised by some nice men at the Hygiene office that our license does not allow us to sell certain items according the newly released regulations. We are deleting these items (temporarily) and all will be back shortly. Alcohol & Pork will not be sold until this matter is properly cleaned up - in about 2 weeks or so. Other items as well have been removed, items that supported the community. Items that supported healthy living, some home made items, some health items. Items that allowed us to live a better life here in Shanghai. Well, we discovered who was reporting us, a competitor. There is no point of naming names. We recall when they used to hijack our name on Google Adwords .. does anyone remember? Or when we caught them spamming our server. So now they are stooping lower. But we always come back and we always come back just a little stronger. We are so sorry for the inconvenience we are causing you. For those healthy items - we cannot sell to you directly. But, we will be happy to let you buy direct from the seller - send us an email. We want to thank all of our loyal passionate clients for sticking with us since when we were .. just a tiny little community of an idea. Tiny. A tiny community. How we have grown. With enormous horizons ahead us. Our blessings to you all.